intolerance Had a History, Sanghi Batting Well!

Intolerance Had a History, Sanghi Batting Well!

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The word if intolerance is there means that is there in our society. Intolerance is one of the behaviour of human and animal word. It is grown with civilization and Evolution.

If we study intolerance history it so many time increased and destroyed the peace of the related society that related. India sensed so many type intolerances in its history.

Political, Religious, Sect, Tribe, Social evil, Cousin war for property all type intolerance was and are there. No religion, no sect remained or got clean chit on this intolerance.

Last three decades sanghi people with their political face BJP and other sub associations creating intolerance situation in India in several ways.

One of them is this beef meat controversy. Some people won’t eat beef, some won’t eat pig; no problem, that’s their belief and food habit related questions.

You can’t compel one to eat them and the same time you can’t stop them eating their food.

There are so many Muslim countries, pig not banned there; why sanghi intolerance brains want to ban beef.

First we must understand beef means cattle meat, not only cow meat. In Karnataka BJP and sanghi’s hue and cry about beef and against CM Siddaramaiah is misleading fraud. They say beef is cow meat is intensively doing wrong propaganda.

In India cow meat ban was there, it was not sanghi did, that was Congress did.

Cattle meat not a cow meat; why Karnataka BJP simply mud sling on Siddaramaiah.

It is clear last three decades growing intolerance in India aired the fire by sanghi associates. For their power hungry and black money hungry they are killing their own nation. There had not only politicians, Pejavar seer type religious leaders also involved. (PJ)

This entry was posted in Hotwhip on November 6, 2015.


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