Mahaveer and Jesus Days and Tipu Day

Mahaveer and Jesus Days and Tipu Day

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This year Mahveer Jayanyhi or birthday and Good Friday came same day or nearly. Jainism is the still remaining oldest religion in the world. Mahaveer the 24th Thirthankara of that religion or saint; but Vaidik historians misguide the people by giving Mahaveera the Jain religion founder.

There is a big problem, Jain people themselves in vaidik fold, how can one tell their own truth? Prakrith the father of Sanskrit but Jain’s only not bothered about their language or oldest Indian literature language.

Nothing any proof but vaidik say, ours the oldest religion, Jain also simply say right, why?

Actually 2,000 year back vaidik intruded to Jainism and divided it Digambara to Shwetambara and twisted Jain history; it is still not repaired.

Jesus Christ’s resurrection day is Good Friday.

In India after Modi government came to power Sanghi people started fake situations on Gandhi days, Muslim and Christian holidays. It won’t work well.

Tipu Jayanthi encountered with Diwali, sanghi did big hue and cry. (PJ)

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